Competing in an Accelerating Landscape

We’ve seen first-hand the huge changes in the Technology market place and the skills demand that’s changed with it.

Skills requirements have diversified rapidly, making it difficult to manage the peaks and troughs in activity, and the breadth of skills required. It’s impossible for any company to carry the quantity and variety of people needed for each project on a permanent basis.

The Solution:

Element can create a bespoke Technical Subs Bench to provide a better service and solution to everyone involved.

NICHE PROJECT SUBS: Specific experts can be sought out in order to fulfil IT projects as and when they present themselves.

BROAD SKILLS SUBS: We can build out a Subs Bench with the skills most frequently sought, so you can expedite talent faster.

We find the people, you interview them. Then they can then go into your client as a contractor through Element Search. We’ll screen each person to ensure they carry the skills and knowledge required so you don’t have to.

How the Tech Subs Solution benefits you:

  • Quote faster and more competitively based on the expert’s day rate
  • Compete on project start dates, no more long waits for talent
  • Find the perfect skills match before the project start date looms
  • Reduce the time you spend on talent sourcing and more on your key business goals
  • We manage subs scheduling, so you know exactly when you can get underway

  • Do you have projects in the pipeline that need technical expertise? Do you have technical talent requirements on an ongoing basis?

    Whether you have an immediate need or just some questions, give me a call to see how we can help.

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