Search and Segmentation

Once a target list of candidates has been created, the recruiting segment of the search is initiated and contact is made with each prospect, presenting the unique opportunity to them. During this process, an assessment is made of each candidate’s skill and personality. A typical search will identify more than 50 prospects, interview 20 to 35 and develop a final shortlist of up to 5 candidates for client interview.

Communication is maintained with the client throughout the process to selection and offer, highlighting each candidate’s level of interest, motivation for looking at the opportunity and to draw attention to any concerns the consultancy may have. By working with the client in this way it is possible to determine a list of the best candidates. Once a shortlist has been built, Element Search provides a candidate summary report for each person on the list, including qualifications, motivation, comprehensive salary breakdown and a recommended course of action.

Element Search works with the client to arrange interviews and meetings as well as organising the logistics of travel and hotel arrangements. After each interview, we provide the client with feedback directly from the candidates concerning their thoughts and impressions supporting your journey to your new.